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New Comic Book Hero To Champion Bullied Kids


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New Comic Book Hero To Champion Bullied Kids

Best-Selling Self-Help Author & Guru Silva Mirzoian Introduces Superpowered Crusader To Come To The Aid of Brutalized Young Teens

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 28, 2013 -- Having effected positive change in the lives of thousands of women through her best-selling book, "Jump Start Your Life," noted self-help guru Silva Mirzoian will launch (February 1), a new series of comic books dedicated to restoring self-esteem and peace of mind of millions of kids facing bullying and oppressive peer pressures. The author asserts that "bullying, personal and on-line, is a national epidemic afflicting many teens and pre-teens, shattering lives, leading to suicides and immobilizing depression. Our children need a champion to help them battle villains as destructive as any Superman or Batman ever faced."

Indicating how personally Mirzoian takes the challenge of helping psychologically and physically brutalized young people, she has chosen to share her name with the caped (well, perhaps veiled) avenger she is sending "to help kids save themselves."

"Silva the Genie," a 24-page full-color comic book, with illustrations by longtime comics artist, Bill Maus, will launch February 1, 2013 and be available for sale through ($4.99). Kindle/nook versions are also available ($2.99).

The comic book follows Silva, a Genie from a far off land who has been locked away in a gold and purple chest for many years and is accidentally discovered by two teenagers, Natalie and Jake. Once she's released, the Genie has to catch up on what's happening in the modern world by using Natalie's computer. When Natalie explains how she's being bullied by another girl at school, "Silva the Genie" takes matters into her own magical hands. No one can see Silva the Genie in full life size unless she wants them to, but she can see everything!

Mirzoian realized early on that a great deal of adult life dramas are the manifestation of negative seeds planted within our heads as children. "Silva the Genie is the embodiment of my teachings, tailored for teen and pre-teen readers in the form of a really 'cool' Genie that any teen would like to have as a mentor and friend," says Silva. "I wish that someone had told me early on about my inner Genie. It sure would have saved me and my parents a great deal of heartache," she adds.

Mirzoian is planning on turning "Silva the Genie" into a series of comic books which will focus on topics relevant to today's youth. In every issue, "Silva the Genie" will deal with real life situations that teenagers face in the 21st Century, teaching them about life, love, tolerance, values, fashion, career choices, finances, and making their dreams a reality.

According to Mirzoian, it is never too early to teach teens the fundamentals of confidence and self-esteem, so they are equipped to deal with the stresses of growing up and finding their way in today's fast-moving world. "My goal was to write a fun and entertaining story that is full of magic and surprises, but at the same time embody some important messages for young teens," she says. Mirzoian also plans on touring schools throughout the country as "Silva the Genie" to inspire and empower teens with the tools to overcome low self-esteem, increase their confidence level, teach them how to overcome bullying and be proud of who they are... and most importantly, find their Genie within.

About the Author....Who found Her Genie Within:

Mirzoian likes to state, "Believe in your dream first, then the rest of the world will catch up!" But Mirzoian has other beliefs – including the one that success unshared, is not success.

A passionate humanitarian who is the founder of several charitable organizations, Silva Mirzoian created her Genie persona when she established Passions and Dreams, a non-profit foundation that deals with the problem of homelessness in our society. Believing that Education is key to solving this challenge, the organization provides educational and training programs to influence positive change and transform the lives of families at risk. Silva is also the creator and producer of where she connects positive role models to young teens.

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