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Fiammetta Launches Stork Babies


Tiny Dolls, Big Fun!

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 12, 2013 -- Tiny dolls, big fun. "Stork Babies" have just been released! The Fiammetta Toy Company have just launched their first product, Stork Babies, and they are selling like HOT CAKES! They are currently in 85 stores in North America (see link for stores) (

"Stork Babies" are mini (7.5 cm) adorable colorful bean dolls that have been uniquely designed by children! Children are the creative juice behind this company. Can you believe it?

Stork Babies are not just babies, they are so so much more! Stork Babies are bean babies that come in a matchbox type box (acts as their little bed). The first collection out, is the "Italian Collection" with many more collections being designed (the Spanish Collection comes out in August). There are 8 different dolls in the collection. They come with their own unique names and empowering sayings for little kids (for example... "I believe in myself. You can achieve anything you want to. Just try really hard!!"). The philosophy of the company first and foremost is to empower children and make them feel wonderful about themselves! Also these dolls help teach children about the different nationalities around the world. These dolls are collectible and will be retired every year, with new collections being produced twice a year! The other collections to come are the Spanish, American, Chinese, African and Indian. These dolls embrace feeling good about yourself and appreciation of others! Finally a ground breaking way to love and accept world cultures.

In addition, a part of the profits go to charity to assist children in 3rd world countries via Plan Canada and Plan USA!! Please take a look at our website and Facebook page for more information and tons of photographs! Stork Babies were just shown at the Toy Fair in New York and Toy West in Las Vegas with a great response. Get the word out that Stork Babies have hit the market!

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