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Funko: Walking Dead POP! Series 3



May 2013 - May 2013 - Funko has announced a new batch of POP! vinyl figures based on The Walking Dead.

Expect to see The Walking Dead POP! - Series 3 in stores around July 11th. Series 3 includes Rick Grimes, the Governor, Merle Dixon, and a Prison Guard Walker Zombie.

There are also several variant versions of the Walking Dead POP! figures coming this summer. Scroll past the pictures to see the list, or stop at the Prison Guard Walker picture to avoid spoilers from Season 3 of the television series.



Remember to stop scrolling at this next picture if you don't want to see the spoilers. No, I don't think you have a short attention span, mostly I need more text here to bump the spoilery bits off the "preview" portion that shows up on the news page.


The variant figures will be:

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