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Star Wars Fan Concepts Series: B-1 Interceptor

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Star Wars Fan Concepts Series: B-1 Interceptor

Coming this summer is a special series of new Star Wars vehicles designed by none other than the fans themselves, the Fan Concepts Series. The first vehicle in the series will be the the B-1 Interceptor, created by customizer Rabid_Ewok, and will be available exclusively at CustomCon 37.

The B-1 Interceptor was designed at the same time as the more famous B-Wing starfighter. Where the B-wing was a heavy starfighter designed chiefly for attacking large targets like capital ships, the B-1 was a smaller, faster version designed for attacking other starfighters. Though the ships design was sound, the rebel alliance ultimately chose the A-wing starfighter over the B-1. A few of the B-1's were kept by the rebels, but the fighter is more likely to be seen used by smugglers or pirates.

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