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New From Uglydoll, Meet FLATTER and LITTLE BENT


March 2012 - New From Uglydoll, Meet FLATTER and LITTLE BENT



Little Bent is out of control!
Nonstop moving around!
There's no stopping this one!
You know those things called stop signs?
Good luck trying to explain those things!

4 Sizes - Sug Retail $6 - $40
Available March 2012



Flatter is one clumsy guy.
The good times seem to fall right into his lap.
How clumsy! Not only that, he's so very awkward.
Be kind to Flatter. As you can see,
there's a lot to learn out there.

4 Sizes - Sug Retail $6 - $40
Available March 2012

About Pretty Ugly, LLC/UGLYDOLL™

David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim created the first Uglydolls as hand-sewn plush toys in 2001. Since the inception of the first Uglydoll character, Wage™, who David drew on a love letter to Sun-Min, Uglydoll has grown into an entire universe of characters, stories, and products for all ages. The Uglydoll brand was launched in 2002 by Pretty Ugly, LLC with offices in Los Angeles and Edison, NJ. The brand is distinguished by David & Sun-Min's unique aesthetic and voice defining 'ugly' as distinctive, different, and good. The award-winning Uglydoll characters appear in a variety of toys, books, apparel, and other licensed products that are available in thousands of stores, worldwide. In its first ten years, Pretty Ugly has produced and sold millions of Uglydoll items.

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