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DST On Sale June 6: The Expendables Minimates and Marvel Select Lizard


June 6, 2012 - For many poor souls, Wednesday is the worst day of the week -- right in the middle of a dreary five days of work. If only they were comic book fans -- then Wednesdays would be the high point of the week! After all, it's the day comic book junkies can hit up their local comic shop and be guaranteed a ton of new comics and toys! Speaking of toys, Diamond Select Toys has two new products shipping to comic shop and specialty stores this week, and they're both pretty awesome.

diamond select

First up is DST's first four-pack of Minimates based on the action-movie extravaganza The Expendables! With tiny, two-inch versions of Lee Christmas, Hale Caesar, Mr. Church and Tool, this set is your first step towards building the Expendables team!

diamond select

The other product is the latest massive, movie-based Marvel Select figure from DST! There's a whole month to go until the release of The Amazing Spider-Man, but you can get your hands on the villainous Lizard, scaly alter ego of Dr. Curt Connors, right now! Standing nearly 9 inches tall, Lizard will tower over your Amazing Spider-Man figure -- which should hit stores in a few short weeks!

To find your nearest comic book shop, go to! And get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!

diamond select

diamond select

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