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Marvel Minimates 48: Fantastic Four

marvel minimates

The Fantastic Four are the Foundation of Marvel Minimates Series 48!

August 2012 - With fallen Fantastic Four member the Human Torch recently discovered alive and relatively well in the Negative Zone, Diamond Select Toys has decided to celebrate by making Marvel Minimates Series 48 their most fantastic assortment yet! Available only at comic shops and specialty stores, this series will feature three two-packs, plus one rare variant two-pack that will only be available one per case. With core FF members, old villains and a key supporting character, this will be one series of Minimates no FF fan should miss!

Mr. Fantastic and the Puppet Master
Team leader Reed Richards comes with an classic FF foe, the conveniently named Phillip Masters. Wearing his John Byrne-designed uniform, Mr. Fantastic will sport a new stretching fist and a grabbing arm. Meanwhile, Masters will come with his distinctive apron... as well as miniscule Minimate puppets that he can manipulate, to control the actions of his foes!

"Flame On" Human Torch and Blastaar

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DST On Sale August 29: Amazing Spider-Man Busts, Star Trek Retro, Steampunk Lexi

On Sale This Week: Amazing Spider-Man Busts! Star Trek Retro! Steampunk Lexi!

August 29, 2012 - Going to a comic book shop on Wednesday -- a.k.a. "New Toy Day" -- is like celebrating the holidays every week, especially with all the new product shipping to stores from Diamond Select Toys. Check out what shipped to stores this week!

diamond select toys

Star Trek: The Next Generation Retro Picard and Borg Figures

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DST On Sale August 22: Fear Itself Minimates, Neon Iron Man

In Stores This Week: Fear Itself Minimates and Neon Iron Man!

August 22, 2012 - Wednesday is traditionally "New Comics Day," but we should really re-name it "New Toy Day!" So many comic-store exclusive items have been coming out from Diamond Select Toys that toy collectors have just as much reason as comic fans to keep their Wednesdays free to pick up the new arrivals. This week, DST is offering new Minimates and a new neon sign -- check 'em out!

diamond select toys

Fear Itself Marvel Minimates: The Worthy

To commemorate the Earth-shattering Marvel storyline, Diamond Select Toys is releasing two box sets of Minimates! The Worthy box set includes Cul, The Serpent (the Asgardian god of fear); his herald Skadi (a.k.a Sin, the Red Skull's daughter); Mokk, Breaker of Faith (formerly the Grey Gargoyle); and Angrir, Breaker of Souls (formerly the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing). Each comes with a massive hammer, and the Serpent also comes with his staff.

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Fear Itself Marvel Minimates Box Sets

marvel minimates

Have No Fear, the "Fear Itself" Marvel Minimates are Almost Here!

August 2012 - Last summer, the "Fear Itself" event rocked the Marvel Universe. Heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe were transformed into The Worthy, hammer-wielding minions of Cul, the Norse God of Fear. In response, the All-Father Odin equipped his own team of heroes, The Mighty, with Asgardian weaponry that would end the aggression of his brother, the Serpent. Titans clashed, the world shook, and heroes fell. And then Diamond Select Toys made Minimates for it!

marvel minimates

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DST On Sale August 8: Marvel Select Chitauri, Alice: Madness Returns

In Stores This Week: Madness Returns and the Chitauri Strike!

August 8, 2012 - It's Wednesday, that magical day of the week when Diamond Comics ships comics and toys to good little comic shop customers across America. Which means it's time for the latest products from Diamond Select Toys! This week we get the last Marvel Select Avengers figure, and the first series of figures based on Alice: Madness Returns!

diamond select

First up, American McGee's take on the Alice in Wonderland story, as seen in the award-winning game Alice: Madness Returns, is now a line of Select action figures! The first assortment of 7-inch scale figures features the Cheshire Cat, a zombie Card Guard and Alice Liddell herself, complete with Vorpal blade, hobby horse and pepper grinder. And if you're lucky, your local shop also ordered in the Previews-exclusive Hysteria Alice, featuring Alice in her unstoppable Hysteria Mode from the game.

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Marvel Select 10th Anniversary Contest

marvel select action figures

Enter the Marvel Select 10th Anniversary Contest to Win an Instant MS Collection!

August 2012 - Ten years ago, the first Marvel Select figure from Diamond Select Toys arrived in comic shops. Depicting Ultimate Spider-Man, the 7-inch scale figure came with a large diorama base (a criminal webbed to a wall), and it was packaged in an oversized blister card that displayed the figure and all of its accessories. Since then, DST has made nearly 100 different Marvel Select figures, and to celebrate the line's tenth anniversary, they want you to be able to win one of every figure they have in their office!

marvel select action figures

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DST On Sale August 1: Halo, Dawn, and Marvel vs. Capcom

diamond select

On Sale This Week: Halo, Dawn and Marvel vs. Capcom!

August 1, 2012 - It's Wednesday,which means that your local comic shop has gotten in yet another batch of comic books... and a new batch of exclusive toys from Diamond Select! This week brings a new assortment of Minimates, a new box set and a new Femme Fatales statue, so gamers and comic lovers take note and plan your trip now!

diamond select

Marvel vs. Capcom Minimates Series 3
These 2-inch-tall gladiators represent some of the most popular characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes: Captain America and Ryu! She-Hulk and Chun Li! Doctor Doom and Albert Wesker! X-23 and Felicia! The female characters are only available at comic shops, so be sure to snag your set!

diamond select

Halo Minimates Series 5 Box Set

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Marvel vs. Capcom Minimates are Back for Round 3

marvel vs capcom minimates

Marvel vs. Capcom Minimates are Back for Round 3! Fight!

August 2012 - After two rounds, Diamond Select Toys has still not decided who the winner is in their Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates line. Now it's time for the third and final round! Series 3 hits comic shops this week, and will be coming to Toys "R" Us shortly, and DST has put together a series of exhibition bouts to show off the new characters' moves! In a new photo shoot, DST has pitted Marvel characters against Capcom characters based on Series 3's two-pack pairings. That card includes:

- Captain America vs. Ryu
- Doctor Doom vs. Wesker
- She-Hulk vs. Chun Li (specialty market exclusive)
- X-23 vs. Felicia (specialty market exclusive)
- MODOK vs. Akuma (Toys "R" Us exclusive)
- Thor vs. Amaterasu (Toys "R" Us exclusive)

marvel vs capcom minimates

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Hasbro's Comic-Con Marvel Reveals & Press Pictures

July 18, 2012 - Hasbro has sent along press images of their Marvel action figures unveiled at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International - we've posted all 17 of them in a gallery for your enjoyment.

Hasbro has also uploaded a few videos from Comic-Con to their web site.

Here's a Jean Grey action figure from the second wave of 2013 Marvel Legends:

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DST On Sale July 18: Commander Cody Bank, Universal Monsters Legacy Series Box Set, Marvel Select

diamond select

July 18, 2012 - Order 66 has finally been given -- it's time to send in the clones! Diamond Select's newest Star Wars vinyl bust bank is the infamous clone trooper Commander Cody, who served under Obi-Wan Kenobi until his betrayal was ordered by Emperor Palpatine. Measuring around 8 inches tall, this detailed vinyl depiction of the character is shipping to comic shops and specialty stores this Wednesday from Diamond Comics Distributors. Not only is it a great-looking bust, it's also a bank, with a slot on the back for your loose change and secret Death Star plans. It goes great with our Clone Trooper and Darth Vader banks, and is an amazing addition to any Star Wars collection!

Also available this week:

- Universal Monsters Legacy Series Box Set #1 - Previously a retailer exclusive, this set of black-and-white 7" versions of the Mummy, the Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon is now available everywhere!

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