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Earthworm Jim

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Mezco Reveals Summer Exclusives

Mezco Reveals Summer Exclusives

June 2012 - New York - As the world prepares for San Diego Comic Con (July 12th-15th) Mezco Toyz adds to the excitement by revealing their 2012 Summer Exclusive lineup:

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Dark Knight Mez-itz Mega Scale Batman

Perhaps the greatest summer exclusive in the universe, Mezco proudly presents the Mega Scale Dark Knight Batman Mez-Itz. This 300% Batman Mez-Itz is based on Batman's look from the award wining blockbuster trio of films from Christopher Nolan. He measures 20 inches from the tip of his ears to the soles of his boots.

He features a real cloth black cape. Just like the standard Mez-Itz, he features 5 points of articulation and 1000 points of fun.

Mez-Itz Mega Scale Batman is securely packed in a sturdy full color box.

This is a non-numbered limited edition item. Edition size TBD.

mezco toyz

6" Metallic Wonder Woman Mez-itz

Submitted by News on Thu, 2012-06-28 16:12

Earthworm Jim 6-inch Action Figure

Earthworm Jim 6-inch Action Figure

Earthworm Jim 6-inch Action Figure

January 2012 - Evildoers beware as Mezco brings the intergalactic hero Earthworm Jim to life as an articulated figure! Jim comes complete with a game accurate plasma blaster as well as his famous ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit. The 6-inch scale Earthworm Jim features 8 points of articulation. He comes complete not only with his plasma blaster, but with an alternate "bendy" unsuited worm body as well.

Ships in July 2012.

For more information visit:

Submitted by News on Tue, 2012-01-17 03:28


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