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Variant Klingon Bird of Prey Ship


diamond select toys

A Variant on the Klingon Bird of Prey Ship De-Cloaks!

February 2013 - When Diamond Select began developing the first alien ship in their electronic Star Trek ship series, they knew that they couldn't just make one version of the iconic Klingon Bird of Prey. The ship has such a rich film history that to pick just one appearance would be an affront to its honor! So while the Star Trek VI version of the Bird of Prey is out in stores now, DST has created a special Star Trek III version exclusively for Action Figure Xpress!

Cast entirely in translucent green plastic to simulate the ship's cloaking effect, this new edition of the Bird of Prey features dialogue from the third Star trek film, The Search for Spock, as spoken by the ship's captain, Commander Kruge (played by Christopher Lloyd). It also features film-accurate lights and sound effects, and, like the regular edition, comes packaged in a "Try Me" window box so customers can enjoy the electronics mint-in-package. Both versions of the Bird of Prey measure 19 inches wide by 12.5 inches long and come with a display stand. Check out the photos and video below, and order yours today!

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diamond select toys

diamond select toys

diamond select toys

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