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June 2017 Fast Food Toys Round-up


June 23, 2017 - We are a month into the boy's summer break and apparently he does not want to spend it driving around with me to every fast food place in the area. Hmmmph.

Let's see what's out there in restaurants this month! (More after the jump)

A quick check of the web sites for the more popular fast food restaurants reveals the following:

- McDonald's has Teeny Beanie Boos plush toys as the goodies in their Happy Meals. The next promotion shown is Despicable Me 3.

We've already gotten a set of the Boos from eBay and will likely be getting a set of the DM3 toys there as well. As a general personal guideline, I try to pay in the range of two or three dollars per toy when I buy a set online like this.

- Sonic shows Transformers The Last Knight foil stickers in their Wacky Pack meals. They have replaced the games on their site with an app for mobile devices.

- The Chick-fil-A site shows five different I Spy books as the goodies in their Kid's Meals. The under 3 toys are board books.

- The Carl's Jr. and Hardee's both have Boss Baby toys and activities. Starting July 26th, the promotion changes to OddBods.

- Subway Kids Meals have six different Cars 3 digital watches.

- The Wendy's site is showing five different Camp Wannago toys and activities in their kids meals. The next promotion shown is "Design Your World." The under 3 toy is a board book.

No changes from last time at these restaurants:

- Burger King's kids meal web site features a joint promo of Dreamworks Voltron and Care Bears toys. There are six different toys.

- The Captain D's web site does not show any toys in their kids meals at the moment. The toy you get will likely depend on what they have in their stockroom.

- Arby's has revamped their web site and it still doesn't seem to show the toy anymore.

- Taco Bell has phased out Kids Meals and their Kids Menu. Most of the items will still be available on their regular menu, but will no longer be marketed as for kids, so really the only difference is that the toys are gone.

Submitted by Bobbi on Fri, 2017-06-23 13:29


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