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Toy2R USA Store Final Farewell Sale


Toy2R USA Store Final Farewell Sale

April 2013 - Toy2R-USA's QeeWorld Store and website is closing down April 30th.

After 4 years of providing a venue for everything Toy2R, wandering event halls, putting on custom shows around the continent and working with some of the best artists in the toy world, QeeWorld - the last remaining foothold of Toy2R-USA - is shutting down. The farewell post went up on the site yesterday.

The warehouse is getting the once over and everything found is being cleared out. Aside from the Specials and Warehouse Finds section that recently went live, everything in the store is being massively discounted. The current coupon code is FAREWELL for 50% off everything, but keep a lookout on the site for other specials. Swing in and bid a fond farewell.

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