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Introducing littleplasticmen - A Magazine about Action Figures


Introducing littleplasticmen - A magazine about action figures

OCTOBER 23, 2013 - (HOUSTON, TX) Today, the crew behind Gearphoria - a successful quarterly digital magazine covering the boutique/small builder guitar, amp and effects pedal market - has given the green light to the development of second title aimed at the collectible toy and action figure market. The new magazine, littleplasticmen, springs from the ashes of a small, online toy and pop culture retailer of the mid-2000s with the same name.

"Gearphoria is a different animal in the crowded guitar magazine space," explained editor Blake Wright. "It acts as sort of a hybrid trade/commercial publication that is just as interesting to read for industry participants as it is for the guitar-loving public. When we were thinking about a second title to follow the Gearphoria model, the toy/action figure industry was a no-brainer. It's always been a passion and it is under-represented on conventional magazine racks today."

The aim for littleplasticmen will be to employ the Gearphoria model of an in-depth, photo-intensive, feature-driven publication and grow that platform covering all things collectible toys, with an emphasis on action figures. The new e-mag will contain familiar elements for current readers of Gearphoria with sections for news, exclusive interviews, opinion-editorial, shop tours, reviews, recurring columns covering different aspects of the industry (such as vintage toys, customizing, etc...) and a slightly different take on the classic price guide. Also like its sister publication, littleplasticmen will be absolutely free.

littleplasticmen will be made available on the same platform as Gearphoria. On a desk top, readers will be able to access the 'flip book' version of the e-mag on the website ( or download a PDF version of the magazine for reading at their leisure. The magazine will also be compatible with most hand-held devices - iPad, smart phones and the like.

The first issue of littleplasticmen is expected to publish in early 2014. Until then, keep up with the development process on Facebook at

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