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MCA's 5 Inch Qee-Zilla Kid Mini Qee Teaser


MCA's 5 Inch Qee-Zilla Kid Mini Qee Teaser

MCA's 5 Inch Qee-Zilla Kid Mini Qee coming soon....

January 2012 - A mighty roar is heard from the seemingly indestructible playground. Toy planes and trains are strewn about without a care. A reptillian tail wreaks havoc on the ankles of innocent witnesses.

This incredible, unstoppable tiny titan of terror rules playtime - it's none other than the precocious Qee-Zilla Kid!

MCA is back and his playful characters are ready to take 2012 by storm. Toy2R is proud to announce the development of this new 5 inch figure, The Qee-Zilla Kid, a new Mini Qee featuring an all new head sculpt and mini monster tail. A comical creature indeed, Toy2R has some very cool surprises in store for this release... so stay tuned for more information as playgrounds become monster battlegrounds in 2012.

Toy2R... Where Imagination is Qee!

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