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Basement Time Capsule: Wonder Woman


wonder woman statues and busts

One wall in our living room has a fireplace, a cubbyhole for a television, and a built-in shelving unit for electronic equipment. Above all of that is a giant display niche, where most people would put big vases and fake plants. Since we are both collectors, we've had several different ideas of what to display there. Until we can decide on a single cohesive display, we've just been sticking things up there as the mood strikes us.

One week, my pile at the comic book store included three Wonder Woman statues. I gleefully opened them (one included a live spider as a free bonus pet!) and placed them in the big niche next to another Wonder Woman statue that was already up there. It was an instant theme and I knew I could expand it, so I ventured into the basement and found two Wonder Woman busts.

As I was dusting the display recently, it seemed to me that surely I had more Wonder Woman pieces in the basement. I've been buying every "Women of the DC Universe" bust that DC Direct has been releasing, how is it that I didn't have any of those on display? Half an hour in the basement resulted in seven (7!!) more Wonder Woman-related pieces. I know there are more down there, but half an hour was about the limit of my attention span for searching.

wonder woman statues and busts

wonder woman statues and busts

The seven "found" pieces are (these links go to the Experience the Wonder web site):

wonder woman statues and busts

The "original six" pieces above our tv are:

Which character do you keep collecting? There's a discussion about this in the Toy Buzz forum, join in!

Submitted by Bobbi on Wed, 2012-04-25 03:25


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