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The Jungle Book Toy Line Launches Worldwide

The Jungle Book Toy Line Launches in Key Global Territories

(RTM note - See the whole toy catalog at this link.)

HYDERABAD, India, July 3, 2013 - The Jungle Book CGI animated series has over 100 licensees across a variety of industries worldwide. Following the success of the TV series, The Jungle Book Toy Line, consisting of action figures, play sets and walkie talkies; outdoor adventure, electronic and summer toys has now launched in key global territories.

SMC Entertainment Group, Inc. (SMC), Sun-Mate Corporation and DQ Entertainment International, producer and global rights owner of 'The Jungle Book' TV series, have secured best-in-class partners for the launch. Jungle Book toys will be carried at Toys"R"Us in Australia, the Middle East, Israel, South Africa and the US and by other key retailers in these territories and across Scandinavia. The range will also be available from online retailers, including

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Licensing Partners for The Jungle Book

DQE Announces a Licensing Deal with Walmart and 12 Other New Licensing and Merchandising Agreements for 'The Jungle Book'

HYDERABAD, India, March 28, 2013 -- DQ Entertainment International (DQE), a leading animation, gaming, live action, entertainment production and distribution company, is pleased to announce a number of new licensing and merchandising deals concluded during the quarter ended March 2013, mostly in USA.

The most significant of these were signed by DQE's partner in North America, Australia and South Africa, SMC Entertainment Group, Inc. ("SMC") in collaboration with the home-video distribution licensee Phase4 Films, who have launched "The Jungle Book" DVDs across all Walmart stores in USA and are launching in Canada soon.

Recently, DQE and SMC concluded a high-value licensing deal with Burger King Worldwide (BKW) for a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) - promotion that will begin worldwide in June '13.

Other important new licensing and merchandising agreements for "The Jungle Book" franchise concluded recently include:

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Burger King: Jungle Book Promo in 2013

BURGER KING® Restaurants Join as Global QSR Partner for "The Jungle Book" TV Series and upcoming Feature Film Promotion

HYDERABAD, India, September 10, 2012 -- DQ Entertainment International (DQE) the global entertainment production and distribution company, producer and global rights owner of "The Jungle Book" - new 3D CGI animated TV series along with SMC Entertainment Group, Inc. (SMC) - rights owner for North America is pleased to announce a deal with Burger King Worldwide (BKW) - for a promotional partnership. It is announced by DQE and SMC that the global Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) - promotion will begin in Summer 2013.

Participating BURGER KING® restaurants in select countries will launch an integrated marketing campaign highlighted by in-restaurant merchandising and promotional - themed toys featuring 'The Jungle Book' at more than 12,000 locations worldwide. The Jungle Book promotion is based on The Jungle Book TV series - seasons 1 and 2, and The Jungle Book Feature Film that is currently being produced by DQE.

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Beyblade at International Burger Kings


Territories include Latin America, Europe and the Middle East

(June 13, 2012 – Toronto, Canada) - Nelvana Enterprises and d-rights, Inc. announced today that Beyblade action racer toys will be featured in a Kid's Meal premium promotion at BURGER KING® restaurants this summer. Over 3,300 restaurants will offer the premium in territories including Latin America, Europe, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

One of three Beyblade action racers will be offered in Kid's Meals in a six-week program running from June 18, 2012 through to July 29, 2012. The program will be supported by online, on-air and in-restaurant promotion.

"BURGER KING® is proud to feature Beyblade to complement and enhance the excitement of our Kid's Meal offerings during this six-week summer program," said Jose R. Costa, vice president, Marketing and R&D, Latin America and Caribbean, Burger King Corp.

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