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Marvel Select Amazing Spider-man

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Fri, 2012-06-29 19:10
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Anyone else picked up this figure yet? I have to say I absolutely love this guy, Not 100 percent into marvel but I came across him at barns and noble which seems to be the new hot spot for finding action figures.... I couldn't say no!! the sculpt and paint apps are just over the top !! I don't get why this quality cant make its way to all the other figures out there, he is a must have !!!

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Hey Mockingbird,

Welcom to RTM (unless you are someone who has been here with a new handle and in that case, hello again).

I did get him from Amazon and have to agree. This figure, like the Lizard figure, is great. I want Marvel Select/Diamond Toys to make more figures of masked or non-human characters. They seem to still struggle with human faces a little bit, but anything with a mask or a monster looks amazing.



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Hey thanks, been posting as anonymous , but wanted to get credit for what I was talking about, thanks again for the welcome !!!

Amazing Spider-Man Swings Into the Disney Store as Two Exclusive Marvel Select Figures!
Like flies caught in a web, everyone is buzzing about the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, and Diamond Select Toys has already put out some amazing collectables based on the film! In addition to a movie-inspired series of their popular Minimates mini-figures, DST also recently shipped their Marvel Select Spider-Man and Lizard action figure to comic shops and specialty stores. Well, now, and physical Disney Store locations will have two special editions of Spidey, as well!

The first exclusive Marvel Select figure will be a version of Spider-Man with interchangeable gloveless hands, plus an interchangeable unmasked Peter Parker head, featuring the likeness of Andrew Garfield. The other exclusive figure will be an entirely metallic version of the regular Spidey figure, depicting the extra-shiny side of the new, big-screen Spidey-suit! Look for both special editions to arrive on, and Disney Store shelves in early July!

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