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Power Attack Batman....Two-face and mr freeze

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Sun, 2012-07-01 06:41
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Anyone able to find Mr Freeze and Two-face or know the load out or these ?? also this is a kids toy not adult collector but I don't get why there making them hard to find...I found both of them at walmart but they only had one of each and they held it for me, talked to the employee and said it was the first of them he seen....

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All three Walmarts in my area got in wave 2 of the stylized Bat line; Freeze and Two-Face are definitely one per case. Freeze is one of the best designs in the line so far with the oversized (though soft and floppy) right arm and the x-ray ribs showing on his chest. Only bad news is that the technicolor Bats are already starting to back up a little from wave 1 (and that's without any restocks I've seen) and the wave 2 versions don't seem to be moving any better, so hopefully we're not seeing a repeat of almost every other Bat line Mattel has done. Haven't seen anyplace re-stock the deluxe figures yet, so no sightings of the Joker on the shelves (got him off e-bay, and he's disappointing; his action feature precludes any articulation other than the head and the left shoulder).

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Havent seen Freeze or 2 Face yet in KC but have come across the Joker a couple of times. Picked up duel blades Batman and Robin just for the hell of it and they look cool. What else is in store for this line?? Is it a 2 shot and we are done or does Mattle have plans since it IS a kids line? (I guess we will find out next week at SDCC?)


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Given all the new molds here, especially on the non-batman characters, I have to assume this is meant to be a continuing line. If Mattel had intended it to just be a filler, we would have seen two waves of figures using two body molds and little else. The added tooling for the Batmobile and the smaller vehicles lends even more evidence to this being planned as a long term endeavor.


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