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Batman 1:50 Die Cast line - any chance we'll get a 'Bat' vehicle - the new one from Dark Knight Rises?

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Tue, 2012-07-24 07:58
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Anybody know?

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Consider it confirmed. The 1:50 The Bat was on display at toyfair as well as a Super Friends Blue Batmobile in packaging. Should be out 4th Quarter this year.

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The Bat (and Super Friends Batmobile) was shown at Comic-con as well. It looked like Mattel did a good job on the Bat, and with any luck it will be more diecast than soft bendy plastic.
I'm still disappointed that the fin on the 50's Batmobile is bendy. Why can Corgi make Batmobiles with hard plastic fins? Are British kids smarter than U.S. kids, and know not to stick things in their eyes and mouths? Come on Mattel, We're not all dumb kids that NEED your protection.


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