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Toy of the Year 2013!

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Tue, 2013-01-15 20:55
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Call off the dogs, it's been found already.
Possibly even awesomer than dinosaurs with frickin' lasers.


simian, the Mighty Poo Flinger!

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Joined: 2012-03-22

Thank you very much Simian!

I am Hauke the creator of this figure. I have actually been posting (very infrequently) on these boards for quite a time. Some may remember my old custom figure site "Doomworld". The Mechawhales figure is my first real mass produced PVC figure and I hope people will enjoy it: For those who know nothing about it here is its backstory:

The Story of the Mechawhales:
In the distant future mankind has allied itself with highly intelligent psychic whales. Under the guidance of those wise animals humanity stopped polluting the earth and started to peacefully explore the galaxy. But they were soon attacked by an army of evil marauding aliens. Now it is up to the whales to save the day. With the help of powerful robot armor the heroic Mechawhales fight to bring back peace to the universe. See all their adventures at:

The latest Mechawhales animation can be found here:


Wanna see whales in giant mechsuits protect mankind against evil aliens?
Check out:

Collectible figures available from:

My 3D printed action figures:

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Hey Hauke, are the measurements that BBTS and DKE accurate? He doesn't look wider than he is tall in the photos, or as wide as he is long for that matter. I think this is your best piece yet, even better than Bathroom Bots and I hope you get some mileage out of it. I wrote a short article about you and Mechawhales over at Tomopop. Hope calling your previous works nightmarish isn't offensive, I mean it respectfully. Wink

You should make a big rotocast version, a huge Mechawhale would be a lot of fun!


__________________ - Most of my Japanese figures

Associate Editor for

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Emerje!

Thanks for the support. Do not worry you accuarately describe my work. I know my stuff is not always easy to access. But that is what makes it interesting I think. Smile The whale is actually a little bit wider then it is high. The pictures are all taken from an angle but if you look at him straight from the front he is a little bit wider then he is tall. A huge whale would be fun. I do actually have a larger resin prototype. However at the moment the cost of manufacturing only allows me to make the small ones. I will have to see how this one sells.


Joined: 2012-03-22

Uups, the previous post was made as an anonymous by accident. Anyway that was me. Thanks again Emerje for the support!
The Mechawhales figure is featured in the latest issue of Previews catalog, page 432. This might be especially interesting for people living outside the U.S. who want to avoid shipping and custom charges. Just tell your local hobby store to order them for you.


Wanna see whales in giant mechsuits protect mankind against evil aliens?
Check out:

Collectible figures available from:

My 3D printed action figures:

Brian Aka clankiller (not verified)

There are a few items I feel are a must-have for any solid toy collector already this year:

Masterpiece soundwave: absolutely stunning fully articulated amazingly detailed perfect quality it is a perfect kick back to the generation one era

Play arts Kai Halo for Master chief: just as awesome as previous halo incarnations if you love the Master chief you must on this figure.

TFC Hercules: this is a third-party production with better articulation, sculpt and paint that replicates all six members of deceptive con devastator. It's pricey and worth every penny of its tag.

Masterpiece ravage and rumble cassette series: Pricey for their size but worth it as far as detail and articulation goes. They are the perfect accessories to accompany your masterpiece soundwave. I have always been a ravage fan and this figure is a dream come true.

While this one is not yet in my hands it soon will be and it is the robot Kingdom exclusive third-party version of Omega supreme. Huge amazingly detailed and looks absolutely astounding.

TSC Uranus a.k.a. auto bot Combiner team to form superion. Thus far three components of the combiner have been released with the latest being the silver bolts version And it looks phenomenal. I have it but haven't yet opened it.

G.I. Joe looks to have some amazing releases in their ultimate version of cobra Cmdr. and storm shadow. I must say the new retaliation three pack dojo invasion or whatever it is being called Offers what I have been dying for an considered to be the ultimate version of the iconic character firefly.

I've purchased a great many Mattel WWE wrestlers and as much as I love them, they simply do not compare to the quality and detail of the third-party transformer brand items.

Just wanted to pass along some random thoughts and hope all is well for all of you

Joined: 2013-03-04

I'm gonna say that the massive MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull coming out this year will be a big contender (literally) for toy of the year.

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My picks so far...

1. MP Soundwave. Every Transformer fan NEEDS to own this figure. Do yourself a favor & buy the cassettes too.
2. Marvel Select Venom. Soooo much bang for your buck.
3. Marvel Select Rhino. Best. Rhino. Ever.
4. Marvel Minimates Venom through the Ages box set.
5. Play Arts Kai Catwoman.

I have this sitting in my PoL, but if it's anything like previous releases, Super Robot Chogokin Gurren Lagann is going to make this list.

I would also like to nominate Marvel Minimates wave 48 & the accompanying TRU wave. My favorite wave since the Jim Lee X-Men wave a couple years back.


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