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Ok. Where are my Justified, Archer, & True Blood Action Figures?

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Thu, 2013-01-17 10:00

I really want action figures for these franchises. I mean, we've gotten action figures of Dexter, Venture Brothers, & even now, Breaking Bad. I think it's time we get figures of, Raylan, Archer, & Sookie. Who's with me?

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Swift's picture
Joined: 2012-01-04

I'd be all over a Deputy Marshal Givens figure, even if it was more statue than action figure.

Nebraska's picture
Joined: 2012-01-03

Palisades would have been the PERFECT company to do Archer figures. I think they would have done The Venture Bros. justice too.

Bobbi's picture
Joined: 2009-10-14

I could even go for a talking Art bobble-head. He's gotten some great lines this season already, two episodes in.

Anonymous (not verified)

Ask and ye shall receive. On one of them, at least.


Mateo (not verified)

This is awesome news. Now, if I can get my other 2 figure lines, I'll be set.


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