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Anyone here collect SH Figuarts Power Rangers figures?

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Tue, 2013-08-13 07:26

I just started & think they are awesome. I had a couple of questions if anyone could answer them. Do you think all of them will get U.S. distribution? Also, are there any plans to make the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo?

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I collect SH Figuarts in general. I remember when they first came out I was a bit shocked by the price, and now superhero action figures are so expensive that I don't mind the price at all.

When you say all of them which do you mean? I know we'll get the 1st season (Zyuranger) ones, with a special American-based female yellow ranger (and we're lucky, because the non-red ones will be website exclusives in Japan). The only other full team I think they've announced are Boukenger/Operation Overdrive, though they have already released in Japan full sets of Shinkenger/Samurai and Gokaiger.

I haven't seen a red ranger Zeo, but I think they'll release all the Red Rangers eventually... it's the other colors you'll have to worry about.

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Thank you for replying, Fujishig. To clarify, I was hoping that all or at least most of the Rangers that were released in Japan, will see U.S. release. Not sure correct name but the pirate-looking Rangers are cool.

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Yeah, those are the Gokaiger. So far I think Bluefin has imported all of the red rangers (except Gokaiger, since it's not a PR show yet).

The Super Samurai/Shinkenger Japanese releases were all exclusives except for red, and because they came out a while ago I thought they'd never see release here, but they remade them in metallic colors for an SDCC exclusive, so I think we'll eventually get those. So yeah, although I have no concrete info, I think we'll get the Japanese releases here. They even take out the Akibaranger accessories and redo the packaging to say Power Rangers just for the US release.

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I am loving these. Granted I'm only getting the MMPR era ones because that series will always hold a special place in my heart. So as of now I only have Green and Red, with White and Pink on pre-order, and I'm chomping at the bit for the rest to come down the pipe.

The thing that really sold me on them is that I ordered the Gridman figure and was blown away by how amazing a figure it was. And now I'm constantly tempted to pick up some of those amazing looking Ultraman figures but resist because I haven't actually seen any of the more modern series. But if they rereleased a "standard" one I'd grab it in a heart beat.


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I think the plan is to do pretty much all of the Sentai shows at some point and I'm sure Bluefin will release most of it over here if all the Kamen Rider figures are anything to go by.

They're fun figures, though I only have Golden Darkness and Kamen Rider 1 (Sakurajima ver.), and I only got the Rider for a review from Bluefin. Glad I did, it's a really fun figure. I have a lot more D-Arts figures and they're just as fun. Can't wait for Elizabeth to be released in November!


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D-Arts are hit and miss, though, mainly because the topic (video game characters) has such a huge range of characters.

The only Ultra-arts Bluefin seems to bring down here are the modern series, but they've been releasing and re-releasing the classics in Japan for some time (a new Ultra 7 is coming out soon). They've improved a great deal from the original offerings.

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I saw that they are offering the Ryu Ranger. Not what series he is from but he looks awesome.

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Excuse me but I have a question: Are the instructions of the Power Rangers Ninja Storm Blue Wind Ranger / Yellow Wind Ranger set's manual in Japanese, English, or both?


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