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A Tale of Two Rorschachs?

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Tue, 2013-10-22 05:15
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I have a question well-suited to this forum. One I cannot seem to find an answer to elsewhere...

I'm increasingly unhappy with (what I consider to be) the malformed hat on the Black Freighter version of the Rorschach figure. It's shaped more like a "pork pie" hat, with a very low crown.

The shape of the hat on the DC Direct Rorschach looks better to me. Too bad this figure has such severely limited articulation.

Can anyone suggest how these two figures compare to each other size-wise? Especially in terms of head size? Is anyone aware of any side-by-size photo comparisons online anywhere?

Obviously I'm thinking of a head swap. Has anyone attempted this?

I have a spare Question figure with a more suitable hat. I could repaint it...and could repaint/rework his featureless face, but would prefer not to do so unless all else fails.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Joined: 2012-01-04

nevermind...i'vr decided to repaint/rework the Question's head. His hat sculpt looks better to me. Wink


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