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A kickstarter that might be of interest to fans of several different scales.

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Fri, 2018-06-29 05:23
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OK, so the folks at Spero Studios ran a successful Kickstarter last year for a line of 3 3/4" animal figures. Among the stretch goals they didn't reach were some larger "Deluxe" figures, so now they're doing another KS to make those and some new figures in the smaller size.

These are still meant to be in 3 3/4" scale, but they're larger animals so they're closer to 5" tall (remember when *that* was the scale everyone was making/buying?) And the stretch goals include some bird- and bat-people that are arguably more appropriately sized to larger lines like Mythic Legions than the bird-people that Four Horsemen made themselves. Also, now that I have the original figures in hand, some of them could probably be made into some decent rat-people for a larger scale line like Mythic Legions.

There's potential here even if you're not into animal-people. These figs would be a solid customizing base for anyone who's tired of waiting for Hasbro to make a MU Sasquatch or Xemnu the Titan. And I think the "Horrid Berserker" would make a good Cobra experiment (like the old Monstro-Viper) or a pretty solid troll or something for a 4" fantasy line, or a goblin or something for a larger scale line (some of the smaller figures could also make decent goblin-y figures for a larger scale).

The Kickstarter campaign is here: https://(bleep)/ya94aupr

Kickstarter doesn't let creators change a pledge level description once anyone has pledged it, but the creators have updated elsewhere and clarified that backers who select the All-In pledge won't get 27 figures, but 38 (you could make a chess set). Even including shipping cost, that works out to a per-figure price that's not even a dollar more than Hasbro's MU figures retail for (and these have more accessories). Oh, they made a graphic showing that as 20 of the larger figs and 18 of the smaller figs, but it'll basically be like spending store credit so you'll be able to change that break-down if you want to, potentially getting more/fewer than 38 depending on how you do it.

The creators have indicated that backers of this Kickstarter campaign can, when the time comes to select the figures you want, use their pledges to buy figures from the previous KS as well as the ones from this one. The original run are also for sale on their website now, but a bunch of them are currently sold out (they'll be restocking).

There's a video of Pixel Dan opening & reviewing the figs from the previous Kickstarter here:

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A few updates.

In their latest Q&A, the creators indicated that the parts for all of the furry "deluxe" figures are all on the same tooling plates, so if the base funding goal is reached they will have the tooling for all of them, the stretch goals to fund actual production runs of the additional characters. So, not unlocking those characters during the campaign means those characters won't get made with the figures that were funded, but they'll have the tooling made so it's probably just a matter of time before they make those other characters.

A backer had asked about a panda, since they're doing bears (I was surprised by the omission myself). Apparently they really want to make a panda but they want to do a monk-type character and they want to do "soft goods" robes and they haven't worked that out yet. They're actually talking to Boss Fight Studios about how they handled their "soft goods" stuff. I think the plan is for next year's campaign (female characters) to incorporate the "soft goods" approach, so I imagine the panda will be offered then.

Their latest update revealed another stretch goal figure. I really don't like the way they do this - it's exciting for the backers, but keeping things unrevealed seems like a good way to have people pass on backing in the first place and never see the thing that would have pushed them over the line into becoming a backer. Anyway, the latest reveal is a moose (w/ alternate buffalo head). https://(bleep)/y7bv2nmj

It's been revealed that the elephant and rhino figures will both come with an alternated head - hippo.

And here's another vid of some folks checking out some of the figures from last time around.

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The KS campaign is over, successfully funded with a number of stretch goals unlocked. They're taking pre-orders now on their site - Sufficient pre-orders will unlock additional stretch goals.

For those who weren't following along, there are some updates on the KS page showing comparison shots with the dwarf-sized figs from Mythic Legions. Also, it turns out that the orangutan comes with extra parts to make it a moose.


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