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How does Mattel's blazing sword Voltron figure compare to Toynami's Vinyl Vehicle Voltron?

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Wed, 2012-02-29 14:15
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I have Toynami's 8 inch Vehicle Voltron and I was looking for a Lion Voltron in near the same scale to go with him. I looked at the Toynami Vinyl Lion Voltron, but he's hideous with the solid lion mouths and all. Is Mattel's blazing sword Voltron near the same scale?

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Anonymous (not verified)

The Mattel version is supposed to be close to 2' in height when fully assembled

Joined: 2012-01-11

No sir, I'm speaking of the pre-assembled non-transforming articulated one on that originally was sold at SDCC.

Anonymous (not verified)

Ah! That one is supposed to be in the 6" range

Check out
fast forward to around the 2:20 mark to see a comparison with some other smaller Voltrons

Oroku Saki (not verified)

In case you still want to know

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The sculpting looks like a good match, but it's a shame lion Voltron isn't just a tiny bit bigger.


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Wow, that's damn near perfect. Until Mattel can give us a vehicle voltron with the same scale and articulation, that'll be my team.


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