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Decided to get rid of some of my 80s toys

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Mon, 2012-03-19 21:24

I've hung on to some of the toys from my childhood. The long story short is that i had 2 daughters and I have some cool boy toys I was hanging on to.

I have:

- A Tonka Power Shift Mountain Master that is brand new in the box. The stickers aren't even on it.

- A complete collection of the Playskool SST Trucks and accessories. Bigfoot, Black Gold, Orange Blossom, War Lord, 2 pull sleds, a Bigfoot trailer, 2 sets of crush cars, and the Performance Centre.

- Big Trak and Transport with the original boxes. The Big Trak electronics still work perfect. Both the Big Trak and Transport have some broken plastic pieces. Not sure if these are worth anything in their present condition. Maybe the boxes are worth more than what's in them, LOL.

I need to try to pin down a value on these items. I can find some examples of the Big Trak for sale so I have an idea on those but the other items are hard to find a value on. Any ideas?



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Anonymous (not verified)



Anonymous (not verified)

Do you still have the Bigfoot collection

Anonymous (not verified)

Do you still have anymore of the sst monster trucks left?

Tony (not verified)

Is the mountain master still for sale?

frank (not verified)

I am looking for the orange blossom truck and pulling sled. Is it still for sale

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Your collection is Love , why do you sell them?

Chuck (not verified)

I was wondering if the playskool warlord was still for sale???????


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