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Did Hasbro say when The Avengers' movie version of Haweye will hit retail?

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Sat, 2012-04-14 11:21

I really want that version. The figure looks cool! Any help is appreciated. Thank you! Cool

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I've been looking high and low and there has been nothing. Even on the Avengers announcement on the right, there's a picture of Black Widow listed for wave 3 and Hawkeye is omitted. At least the version you refer to is not there anywhere. And with Hasbro's problems getting out much past the initial release on the last two movies, I'm kind of not holding my breath here.

A logical person might hope though that they'd drop a bunch of Marvel product on us around the release of the movie. But there's no reason to believe that will actually happen.



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Heard on another forum that a guy ran into a Hasbro rep who told him that Walmarts are getting an Avengers 4 way Pallet next week, maybe they might have newer stuff mixed in??

Not holding my breath on getting Widow or Hawkeye have a feeling its going to be another problem like Sif was in Thor, only saw her once and gave it to a buddy of mine. Hasbro's movie lines suck royaly .Flooding the stores with crap thats been on the shelves since 09 is just an asanine move WHY do we need THREE Ironmans when the same FIVE are sitting next to the avengers figures rotting away (or even mixed in because store employess cant even tell the difference) The main core group should have been Wave 1 and 2 with 3 being figures of Loki's Amy Hell even Loki's are starting to sit around here.


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