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Toys R Us diplay with little to none Avengers figures

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Mon, 2012-05-07 18:08
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Hey Buzzers,
I have not seen the new Avengers movie, hope to see this weekend but I brought my son to TRU to get him aqauinted with some of the characters of the movie and Marvel Universe. Little did I know there was going to be a HUGE promotion in the store.
The funny part was that the Avengers Movie side of the display only had maybe like 10 figures on one side, and the rest of the display with Iron Man 2 figures,Thor Movie figures and Captain America figures. Funny thing, is that the 3 3/4 figures (iron man, Thor, and Captain America figures) were just on the discounted section not even a month ago, and they were selling for I think around 3 or 4.99. When I scanned the discounted figures from a month ago they ran up for $9.99.
I totally get that the current Iron Man Avengers figures looked very simlar, but wasnt the Iron Man 2 movie from last year. I am glad I snagged a Bucky figure for 3.99 a few months back cause the pegs had all of the non selling Captain America figures for full price.
No sign of the invading Loki army aliens yet.

Oh yeah, the TRU store even tried placing the Marvel Universe figures in the Avengers display, I can see the connection of a Marvel movie with Marvel Characters, however most of those characters like Moon Knight and Red Hulk, did not appear in the movie, that I am aware of. However the season 2 Avengers cartoon show and the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon are having plenty of cameos for the Marvel Universe line.
As a joke, I asked one of the employees if they were going to start putting Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (since Disney purchased Marvel) with the display....
If I attached the photo correctly does not show what was on the pegs, sorry, but it was a cool display.

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I blame Hasbro because they are idiots. Since they aquired the Marvel licence the only decent thing they have done was Marvel legends and Universe. Their Movie lines have been nothing but a joke Ive ranted on and on about that in the past. You know its sad when TRU who usually has nice feature displays, cant even get enough product to fill it so they are forced to put up OLD crap in its place. Thats just unacceptable for me as a customer. Same thing happens now when they set up a Star Wars display. Remember the days of when a movie came out like Batman or Jurassic Park? You were greeted by huge displays nothing was old. Granted that was Kenner but still. I dont know what Hasbro is doing but who ever is in charge of their action figure marketing they need to lose their job asap.

I fear the Gi Joe movie line will follow as well. They dont care about collectors just kids hence the damn missle launchers that cost all their money to make so figures lose articulation. Wave 1 and 2 will rot on the shelves before anything even movie worthy gets released!


" F***Ing Ebay!!"

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Hasbro is always overcompemnsating for what happened last time. Iron Man comes out, they're unprepared for the demand. Iron Man 2 comes out, they release too much merchandise, flood the market, goes on clearance. Avengers comes out, just a trickle of merchandise is released, sells out.

They did the same thing with the Transformers films. You can see it possibly happening with GI Joe: Retaliation as well. Overabundance of merchandise for Rise of Cobra, paltry offerings for Retaliation. Hopefully Retaliation sells well because the Joe brand could use a boost at retail.

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If they have ample stock of year-old movie toys, then it makes some sense that they didn't over-order the current movie toys. Are you sure they didn't just sell out because the movie was so hot? And I don't blame them for putting similarly scaled, similarly themed figures in with the display to try to move the stock.

I do blame them for the pegwarmers and the lack of sufficient quantities of Hawkeye (as an example)... are the correcting that later?

Also, these look to be the same as the older movie toys anyway. They may be completely new molds, I don't really know, but I know I've resisted picking any up because I already have some cap, Thor, and Iron Man toys. I had the same problem with the Transformers sequels where a lot of stuff on the pegs looked the same as previous versions (I know there were differences but it was very confusing).

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Between the current state of the economy and rising production costs, expect to see low stock in stores for a long time.


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Gotta say, tearing into the Minimates right after watching the movie was pretty darn satisfying. Big smile

The Hawkeye one is terrific!

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I have to agree. I had Minimates Black Widow on my shelf before the movie premiered in the U.S. Hasbro has yet to release Natasha in either Mugg or 3 3/4 form.

I just realized how much I sound like eman in this post.

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Just wait until Mattel's Dark Knight Rises figures rot on the shelves.
They always seem to goof up on the movie figure toy lines.


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