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Stinkhead's review of the MM Bane, Batman and Alfred

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Thu, 2012-05-17 22:48
Joined: 2012-02-15

Includes "funny" pics as well. Most of the images you can click through and see a high-rez version.
I also got the RC Tumbler and a bunch of other toys I will be reviewing this weekend. Stay tuned!

Dark Knight Rises Bane, Batman, and Alfred Movie Masters



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Anonymous (not verified)

Yeah, it's the same damn Batman they've conned us into buying before, didn't even have the decency to fix his neck articulation so he can look good on the Bat-Pod. At least his peice is non-essential to getting the signal working. can't justify 15 bucks for a figure I got for 4.99 three years ago, especially for part of the rooftop base.

Dare's picture
Joined: 2012-01-11

I didn't know George Dubya was in this movie.

Ash 618's picture
Joined: 2012-01-04

So these are Street Dated for NEXT week?? Sweet!! I just hope they wont be like the MMs were for when Dark Knight came out and Joker was a pain to track down (didnt find my first till the day DK came out in theaters). Sad that I have to get another Batman figure for the Signal as it looks to be a middle piece and not the actual base. Kinda the reason why I didnt get the Honor Guard Joker 2 pack. Have they announced the final figure yet? We got Alfred, Bats, Bane, John Blake, and Catwoman. Is it Bruce Wayne, Ra's?


" F***Ing Ebay!!"

Anonymous (not verified)

The last character is a mystery, probably related to a twist in the film, probably an Al Ghul.

Joined: 2012-01-04

Good old lazy Mattel, same Batman from 4 years ago, Alfred's body is another re-use which is too skinny (sorry Michael), and Bane is just too small. Would rather have these charactors as Minimates...

Good Review though.

Brian's picture
Joined: 2010-06-07

Last character will be Joseph Gordon Levitt


Anonymous (not verified)

That only makes five out of six, Brian. The 3 reviewed above in Wave 1 and then a wave 2 of Catwoman, Officer Blake and mystery character.

Jin Saotome's picture
Joined: 2012-05-28

Poor Alfred is one per case. There's gonna be a lot of incomplete bat signals...


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