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Sat, 2012-03-03 14:33
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Joined: 2012-01-03

Target completed the spring reset yesterday. This is what I found:

4 pegs crammed full of Avengers figures. I looked through them, but I'm just not interesed as a result of missing articulation. I will have to pick-up IM MKVI, the Quinjet, & Cap's tank eventually, but I will wait for a sale.

4 pegs of G.I. JOES! Unfortunately 4 pegs comprised of 2 Arctic Destros & 1 Renegades CC. Sad

4 pegs of MU Psyclocke/Thor/Shadowland DD/white Iron Fist wave. I grabbed the best looking Psylocke & left the rest.

Picked up the only Voyager Megatron from Transformers: Prime. Bought Wheeljack & Soundwave a couple of weeks ago & have been pleased w/them so I hope I enjoy Megs. I'm still burned about the "First Edition" figures though. I'm defintely going to cherry pick this line.

Only 1 peg for ML, but it was the variant case so I bought the Commander Rodgers I needed. Left variant Ghost Rider & Iron Man behind.

I also snagged a Captain America Justice Jet & 6" Titanium Man on clearance.

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Joined: 2012-01-03

All that and no DCUC 20?!? Tongue

I've started seeing some of the new stuff hit the pegs at Target (and TRU and a little at WM). Mostly The Avengers, which I would have skipped since I dropped the 3-3/4-Inch MU line. I did find some of DCUC Wv20 and picked up the White Lantern Flash. I figure I may as well finish this last wave and Flash and the Arrows (not in this case) are all I need to finish Nekron, even though I don't really want him either, but the Arrows are intriguing enough, so buying a Flash to finish the CnC.... why not?

Joined: 2012-02-12

I still need to find the Dove figure from Series 20. She's the only one I've yet to see.

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Joined: 2012-01-03

No DCUC 20 unfortunately. Just a Knightfall Batman, Jonah Hex, Riddler, & Mercury on the pegs. Too bad considering I need to replace my Hawk.

I did pick up Batman Legacy 1st appearance Batman & Catwoman last week though. I was disappointed to discover Mattel did not include a gun w/Batman or a whip w/Catwoman.

Anonymous (not verified)

Nebraska wrote:
4 pegs of G.I. JOES! Unfortunately 4 pegs comprised of 2 Arctic Destros & 1 Renegades CC. Sad

My local Target went to 8 pegs! Are the movie figures shipping soon?
We've thankfully moved past the Arctic Destros; but there are only 3 of Renegades Firefly on the pegs


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